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July 02 2013

2632 cdf8
80's, 90's, beauty

Image size: 497x750
2635 90ed
Hot, OMG, all star

Image size: 480x640
2639 ff4a
fashion, glamour, heels

Image size: 500x333
2643 843d
*, 80's, 90's

Image size: 419x640
2648 b0c7
girly, girly things, justgirlythings

Image size: 400x534
3760 2cfd
black, bnw, cigarettes

Image size: 500x500
5071 d35e
die, flower, heart

Image size: 600x600

July 01 2013

2655 bfdf
love, spikes, starbucks

Image size: 500x500
2660 7633
black, heart, nail decoration

Image size: 522x522
2665 b5d2
beach outfit, bikini, blue

Image size: 612x612
5424 b5c4
Bugsbunny, banny, bitch

Image size: 400x290
1706 fb23
Dream, bes, bff

Image size: 500x334
1709 34be
Dream, bes, bff

Image size: 403x374

June 30 2013

2673 4572
acessories, ankle boots, bandeau

Image size: 500x500
5457 0388
Hot, beautiful, bitch

Image size: 500x363
2682 8efa
blouse, bracelets, brunette

Image size: 500x549
2688 0f9b
cool, fashion, nice

Image size: 500x374

June 29 2013

2692 8afd
april, awesome, bah

Image size: 500x338
2699 76a7
awesome, bah, beautiful

Image size: 500x500
7769 0ba4
Hot, bitch, boy

Image size: 500x678
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