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July 15 2013

7505 7bbc
buns, fahion, studs

Image size: 500x499

July 14 2013

5748 b9b7
bitch, grunge, cool

Image size: 500x375

July 11 2013

1079 4b9c

Image size: 602x610

July 10 2013

1080 7d2c
aries, astrology, zodiac

Image size: 491x339

July 08 2013

1082 1a25
1d preferences, astrology, black

Image size: 491x344
0901 51be
alternative, amazing, awesome

Image size: 405x547

July 07 2013

1083 148a
black, boots, cute

Image size: 500x500
7507 9ade
bitch, die, free

Image size: 476x375
1085 de74
80's, 90's, I love it

Image size: 500x514
9101 f98a
Hot, OMG, bitch

Image size: 400x290
3934 f7e8
bad, bitch, die

Image size: 427x284

July 06 2013

1828 c015
*-*, Hot, OMG

Image size: 480x478
1829 da1a
:3, bitchtiger, black

Image size: 500x374
1087 e04f
chiffon, christain laboutin, fashion

Image size: 500x559
8217 015e
anxeity, depressed, depressing

Image size: 400x453

July 05 2013

1089 7fb0
fantasy, fashion, outfit

Image size: 403x348
6750 cc06
Chick, beak, blue

Image size: 580x406
1090 00ad
Hot, amazing, beautiful

Image size: 612x612
1844 1fbb
I Love You, again, bye

Image size: 500x450

July 04 2013

5105 d750
ballet, cool, cute

Image size: 640x640
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